See How the Jeep Grand Cherokee Excels at Towing Your Gear

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​It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is both a capable adventurer and a sophisticated daily driver. With refined driving manners and an elegant interior, it's an incredible choice for drivers who need the space to get family and friends around town in comfort and the off-road prowess for which the Jeep brand is legendary. But can the Jeep Grand Cherokee tow?

The Grand Cherokee is no stranger to tackling tough terrain and hauling gear in its cavernous storage area, but how does it fare when you hitch trailers and big toys in for the ride? Answer: quite well.

Depending on how you equip the Grand Cherokee, it can tow between 3,500 pounds and 7,400 pounds, giving you the power and skill you need to take your equipment with you on any adventure. No need to get a pickup truck to handle your gear -- the Grand Cherokee can tow items like trailers and speed boats with ease and aplomb. Even most crossover SUVs struggle to even touch the Grand Cherokee's towing capacity.

With a variety of engines, 4WD and FWD systems, and tow packages to choose from, you can find a Grand Cherokee model that falls somewhere on the spectrum of towing prowess, allowing you to choose the amount of strength you need for your specific needs. Learn more about this family-friendly voyager's towing capabilities and other features when you stop by Village Jeep for a test drive today! We look forward to showing you what this SUV can do at our dealership serving Royal Oak; Warren, MI; Troy, MI; Sterling Heights; and Rochester Hills!

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